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Mold Remediation

Licensed and Professional Mold Remediation in Jacksonville

Are you in need of mold remediation in Jacksonville? We understand how disturbing the mold assessment and mold remediation process can be to your daily life. You smell something in your house, you suffer from indoor allergies, naturally, you call an assessment company, they perform the test, send it to a lab to be tested and out of nowhere, you’ve found yourself with a $10,000 problem.

Here at L&M we see eye to eye with our clients and have their best interests at heart. We are here to solve these problems for you. We strive to find the most cost-efficient, long-term solution for your home’s issues. We not only use the safest mold removal techniques, but we also specialize in toxic mold remediation to ensure that your black mold problem stays gone for good.

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Types of Mold

Black mold

The most infamous species, (previously known as S. atra) is known as “black mold” or “toxic black mold” in the U.S., and are frequently associated with poor indoor air quality that arises after fungal growth on water-damaged building materials.


is a genus of molds, hyphomycetes or asexually reproducing, filamentous fungi. Historically, it was considered closely related to the genus Memnoniella, because the spores are produced in slimy heads rather than in dry chains.


Mildew – is a form of fungus. It is distinguished from its closely related counterpart, mold, largely by its color: molds appear in shades of black, blue, red, and green, whereas mildew is white. It appears as a thin.

What to Expect When We Arrive

First, we will have a short interview in order to understand your home’s needs.

  • We will then perform a thorough visual inspection.
  • After inspection, we will test for black mold, fungi, and all other molds. This will include surface tests and air cell tests. We then send it to third-party lab and wait 24 hours for your results.
  • Finally, if the is lab results indicate a need, we will send a detailed report with your lab result, photos and the best way to solve your home’s issues.

What to Expect from L & M Air Duct Cleaning' Mold Removal Service

Of course, mold treatment and restoration service is a lengthy, complex process. That is why it should be left to the professionals who have the right equipment to detect the proliferation of mold. Due to the possible health effects of the mold cleanup, our technicians are fully properly equipped to clean up the mold. You should therefore keep in mind several factors regarding the entire process, including:

Our Mold Cleanup Service May Be Covered by Your Home Owners Insurance

After reviewing the extent of the damage, we issue a quote. It includes the cost of labor, and all the pertinent equipment, cleaners, and other chemicals. While you might feel the cost is steep, consider what you would pay if you had to deal with a structural failure or chronic illness due to mold contamination. Fortunately, your homeowner’s insurance may cover mold damage. Check with your insurance agent to determine whether your case will be covered. You know the costs associated with the proper eradication of mold. Therefore, you must be wary of companies offering low costs of removal. Cheap companies take shortcuts to cover up noticeable signs of mold. Often, they never fix the root of the issue.

You May Be Able to Take Care of Your Mold Problem Without a Professional

If your mold inspection only shows small spots of mold growth, you can probably clean it yourself. And our technicians will give you advice on self-cleaning in the case of mold proliferation under 10 square feet. What if your mold damage is more widespread? If so, we recommend you use our professional mold eradication and treatment services.

Mold Removal Services in Jacksonville

Our company has been excelling at providing mold remediation services to make sure your house is clean and safe in Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

Among all of the contaminants that may be present within your home or building, mold and mildew could potentially be the most deadly. An overgrowth of this fungus can ruin the quality of your indoor air and cause serious health issues. Our expertise offers complete mold remediation services. First, we’ll get rid of the mold in your home or office. Then, we take steps to prevent mold reoccurrence in the future.

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